At the intersect between education and technology

How EdTech is strengthening traditional education

Historically, education has been a traditionally-clad industry. This has been the way since the very beginning, and it has been a remarkably and undeniably successful approach. Until now. The world today is vastly different to the one that existed fifty, even twenty years ago, and every aspect of life – including education – has evolved in the process. It is the way of the modern world that progress yields ongoing successes and futuristic innovations. In the case of education, those successes and futuristic innovations come in the form of a specified branch of technology that is making education easier, smarter, faster, stronger, bolder, and better than ever.

Technological disruption impacts education

Technological advancement has disrupted practically every aspect of life in the modern world. In the academic landscape, technological advancement and rapid digitalisation have made their mark in the form of automation, virtual enhancement, digital resources and materials, personalised learning, and globally inclusive learning methods and models. While there was nothing necessarily wrong with traditional education, there is something to be said about the fact that the world has changed, and with it have changed the most effective ways for students to engage and learn. In this way, it is entirely understandable how technological impact came to be such a phenomenal innovator in global academics.

Understanding education technology

Aptly referred to as EdTech (or, education technology), this branch of technological disruption focuses all its energy and resources on the international education sector. From the ways in which learning and teaching methods and models are offered to the appropriate parties, to the personalised and globally inclusive frontiers changing the game in education the world over, and everything and everywhere in between, EdTech is making magic, turning dust into glitter. While initially, people thought of EdTech as an invasive replacement tool, it is quite the opposite, and has proven as much since the beginning.

EdTech is all about thriving alongside traditional education methods and models to provide the best possible experience for educators and learners around the world. Traditional education will always have its place in the global academic sector, but we are now beyond the point where strictly traditional approaches rarely (if ever) work well on their own. These days, students have grown up immersed in and surrounded by technological advancement and digital innovation, and they expect and thrive when their educational environments exhibit these same (or at the very least, similar) ideals. So, once again for emphasis: the point of education technology is to strengthen overall education, rather than replace traditional education modules altogether.

EdTech is making waves in global academics

Every facet of the learning experience today has been digitally enhanced in some way – even if that way is not immediately obvious to the naked eye. Everything from the platforms that courses and assessment modules are writing a college research paper, to the ways that individuals can learn and teach, and everything in between, has been positively elevated. Around the globe, this is an all-new frontier in academics that is spurring on an entirely new and transitory phase in education; a phase that is set to make future generations of learners even more prepared and skilled for life after education.