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July, 2018

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MBA Students headed towards technological advancements

Many MBA students are forgoing the financial industry and are becoming more attracted towards the tech sector.  The technology sector has become the “IT” field amongst the new generation – no pun intended.

Silicon Valley is recruiting MBA students from all over the world, whether it is from America or Australia. New statistics show that nearly 89 percent of tech companies are expected to hire MBA graduates this year. The demand for MBA students has increased in the energy, technology and health sector drastically.

A senior HR director at Microsoft says, “We hire MBA talent because we know that they have a degree of functional excellence and bring a diverse set of experiences and perspectives.” They seem to find MBA students to be more passionate about technology and data oriented.

In the United States it is estimated that roughly 200,000 individuals acquire an MBA degree annually, which has become the top graduate degree in the country according to the Department of Education. Due to the higher demand for MBA students, more universities across the world are beginning to offer more MBA graduate programs that cross paths with the technological sector.

The fun and relaxed work environment that tech companies offer attracts many MBA students. One MBA student stated that financial companies and consultant firms do not offer the type of “corporate culture” he is pursuing. MBA students have the education aspect of the job covered with all the technical skills, but most of them do not get a chance to brandish their creative, artistic and innovative mindset at these financial firms. These individuals want to make a difference in the world, bring a new technology to the world, and not just sit behind a boring desk or dining clients all day. People want to work in places where they can grow and enjoy.

Today technology has become the center of many industries; it enables MBA graduates to try different things and interests. Technology is influencing new opportunities in multiple fields.

As the Australian Federal government is looking to employ funding agreements with the Australian universities to ensure that science tech and mathematics are a priority in various degrees.

In Australia universities offer various courses and scholarship, you can find and compare bachelor degrees, MBA graduate programs, certifications and apply for different scholarships.