At the intersect between education and technology

EdTech is influencing education

It is almost impossible today to imagine a world without technology, even in schools. Technology has transformed the lifestyle of humans beings. For most of Gen Z, a world without technology has never even existed. These changes into a technological world have taken over many different fields. Technology is used in every part of an individuals life, be it in the form of work such as a digital marketing agency, or delivery of knowledge through education technology (EdTech). On the one hand, schools and institutions are consistently trying to adapt to technological innovations and offer the best form of knowledge to students. On the other hand, students have been utilizing different means of learning through technology. EdTech has influenced the manner in which students learn and schools teach. Here are 3 ways EdTech has influenced the overall learning environment.

  1. Accessibility of Knowledge

Technology has made knowledge much more easily accessible. One can simply type a question on a website and get answers. EdTech is similar in many ways. A lot of different platforms all over the world are based on particular education boards and classes. Therefore, a student can access information regarding topics one does not by simply checking the topics on one of these online platforms. Moreover, these platforms explore different means of teaching topics, be it through informative videos or through engagement. One of India’s leading EdTech startups thrives on teaching material through engagement with the students in a game manner. This has led the startup to gain a large audience and consistent results in the education of the users.

  1. Organization and Reminders

The influence EdTech has had can differ amongst the different age groups. One of the more common ways of utilizing technology for older students is to organize. A lot of different EdTech platforms such as MyStudyLife allow students to set reminders about their assignments and tests. There are also other EdTech apps that help in managing and organizing team projects and doing shared homework assignments.

  1. Teaching and Monitoring

Finally, EdTech also influences the learning environment in schools. While technology can be distracting, there are many developments in technology that create a better learning environment for students. Schools are also looking into technologies that help monitor student devices in order to maintain the focus of the students in class work. One such EdTech platform is NetRef, which allows teachers to monitor school and student-owned devices and make sure that the class stays free of distraction.

Overall, EdTech has influenced students and teachers in many different ways. In today’s world, a student has many means of gaining knowledge. Schools and Institutions are adapting to such technological innovations and utilizing it in order to create better learning environments for students. EdTech has made it possible for students to learn beyond the books and teachers to teach in many different ways.