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How has Cloud Computing revolutionized our lives

The word “Cloud” came into existence seven years ago when people were migrating over to a digitalized age. The cloud technology or commonly known as cloud computing is a bunch of Internet-based computing solutions and services.

This has spawned countless online academies, offering courses such as Xero courses that offers cloud accounting, to cloud development courses that can help expand and improve on the available technology.

The biggest key point about cloud computing is that it is not bound to our computers, laptops or other computing devices instead it is handled by huge data centers that requires its own premises. Cloud computing services are accessed easily by web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc on desktop pcs, laptops, tablets and even.

With the host of providers abound, cloud computing applications are situated at different geographical locations around the world in order to serve their customers with ease and security. Their main objective is to provide reliability and consistency in services so as to breakdown the percentage data or website failure. It has come to theknowledge of the cloud computing service providers that every user has different requirements. For this reason, providers have to be flexible in delivering such services where user enjoys the services with minimum data or service related issues. Enterprise service consumers with global operations have requirement of faster response time, and thus saves a lot of time by distributing workload requests to multiple cloud servers situated at different locations at the same time.

There are some of the best features that need to be highlighted:-

  • Capacity is flexible – Cloud computing services are the most flexible service that can be turned on or off anytime and in any situation. For instance, if you have arecently launched e-commerce website and want to reduce the traffic, you can switch to multiple servers for better performance and avoidcrashing of website or data at peak time.
  • Cost-effectiveness of cloud services – Cloud computing gives you handy options to reduce the cost of storing data as you need not buy other equipment or develop separate infrastructure.
  • Speed availability – It is interesting to know that cloud computing has ahigh-end bandwidth that makes it easy for consumers to handle a large amount of data.

Many organizations are trying to establish cloud technology as their platform and giving their employees exposure to latest technology and helping them to work efficiently. Cloud computing services give employees the ability to work independently anywhere, any time which is an integral part of increasing productivity. Using cloud services it is easy to work in a collaborative manner so as to reduce the travel time or pausing the processes of the business. Consistency in data, minimal chances of data loss by a power failure, natural disaster, and other issues that give a big to our organization can be controlled by using cloud technology.

Nowadays, hosting services, data sharing, researchers and many others use cloud-based services. It is predicted that this technology will gradually replace all other forms of technology and will make the things far better and much more efficient.