At the intersect between education and technology

Technology is reshaping education

The evolution that is technology is the most transformative, revolutionary invention that mankind has brought to fruition. Practically every industry is being given a remodel in the wake of this digitized era. One of the most important industries in the world that is being affected is education. Technology and education are evolving together. Even education platforms with online courses are being upgraded with the latest blockchain technology. The mainstream way in which individuals learn will always have the same core values, but the focuses are already changing – and will continue to do so as time goes on. The way that individuals learn is not due to change any time soon – we will continue to learn from great educators. In saying this, the tools that generations to come will engage with to learn almost definitely will change. It is the way of the modern world – humanity is reliant (for the most part) on technological maintenance and advancement.

The impact that technology is having on the world is not limited to western society either. It is a global impact, and as such even countries with limited means are finding their education sectors being challenged and shifted to establish a move tech-driven approach to learning.

In the past, students’ parents were denied control over currency transfers, making even simple transfers difficult. For parents that have children attending school overseas, this can make things especially difficult. Seemingly simple school products like writing utensils and textbooks can become difficult for some families to get in a timely fashion. As technology in education is making waves all over the world, the issue of international money transfer Australia is beginning to remedy itself – with new systems being introduced that eliminate the waiting periods and delays in responses for international financial transfers.

Classrooms were once environments rich with tradition, but the changing advancements of the planet as we know it ensures that even the most traditional environments are changing, shifting focus to align themselves with the direction that the world is moving in. Textbooks are being replaced by PDF versions and eBooks. Blackboards are being replaced with PowerPoint slideshows. Rather than letters home, students and their families receive email updates from the education institutions at which they learn. For technology to have lasting impact in the education industry, those in the driving seats must have the understanding that they should be offering not only technology itself, but the concepts, values, and tools that work with technology and in alignment with the values at the core of the education industry.

Technology in education has proven to bring students together, rather than drive them apart – a concern that was sparked when technology began to make its way into classrooms and campuses all over the world. Weaving technology and education together will continue to become increasingly easier as the millennials of tomorrow’s generation (and all those that follow) climb the ladder and become the decision-makers in the field of education. As technological advancement continues to propel itself forward, it is practically impossible to know definitively how far technology will have expanded, even as little as ten years from now. What is certain, however, is that technology will not dissipate…much like the invention of electricity, technology is here to stay.