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With Onsego from GED to College

If you could not finish your high school curriculum, you still can earn a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma and pursue your dreams. One of the best and fastest ways to prepare for your HSE exam is by using the accredited online course developed by Onsego GED Prep.

All states offer HSE testing programs, and since passing the HSE exam is quite a challenging endeavor, getting properly prepared is highly recommended.

Prep classes are offered at numerous physical prep sites, but nowadays, there are some well-structured online preparatory programs available as well, and among the best-respected options is the online GED course designed by Onsego.

In the U.S., there are two nationally available HSE exams, the GED and HiSET. Upon completing one of these exams, your state will award your HSE diploma.

In the same way as a common high school degree, your HSE diploma allows for a college education and qualifies you for better employment. Some students perform better under the guidance of a teacher, but disciplined students can benefit from the flexibility that comes with online learning and get their GED faster.

What is Onsego?

Onsego is a developer of online education programs, best known for its comprehensive GED preparatory course that is qualified by GED Testing Service as “100% aligned to the current GED test.”

Onsego’s GED preparatory program stands out as it stimulates self-learning, and the program includes several bonuses, such as a motivational course, a quitting protection program, and a GED calculator course that helps students pass the GED math portion more easily.

Onsego has divided the entire GED content into bite-sized, easily digestible portions. The program includes many practice tests and video lessons that cover just one GED subject topic at a time. This way, the students won’t get overwhelmed by long lessons and their concentration won’t be challenged all the time.

On top of that, Onsego is among the most affordable online GED prep programs on the market. GED students can purchase the comprehensive program that includes so many bonuses or opt for a single GED subject course that covers one of the four GED subject fields.

The GED test is made up of four independent, modular sub-exams that, if wished, can be taken one or more at a time and in any preferred order. The four exams measure academic proficiency in the fields of Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

How Onsego helps get a high school equivalency diploma

Learning for the GED test with Onsego allows students to earn a high school equivalency quickly and efficiently, and the included motivational course will help them stay on track and achieve their goals effectively.

Even students who learn better under the guidance of an instructor can benefit from Onsego’s online GED course if they combine online learning with attending a physical class since Onsego’s practice tests include answers with clear explanations and the video lessons come with transcripts so they can read the presented material over and again if they wish.

Onsego teaches students self-learning

With Onsego’s GED program, the students learn what it means to study independently. They will be stimulated to review the presented material and motivated to achieve good results.

The GED diploma allows for a college education in the same way a regular high school diploma does. So, learning how to study independently is critical for their success in college if they decide to go that way after achieving their GED.

Onsego prepares students for college

If GED graduates wish to enroll in college, they need to be prepared for the challenges when starting their college education. Onsego not only provides online instruction and practice tests, but it also includes many articles related to life and challenges in college.

Onsego helps students learn the best strategies to pace themselves. The GED exams are timed, and usually, college entrance exams, such as the SAT or ACT, are times tests as well.

Fortunately, GED students who have achieved “college-ready” scores are often exempt from taking a college entrance exam or a placement test, and if they have reached “college-ready PLUS credit” scores, they may even qualify for college credit!

On the GED test, there are four scoring ranges, and results are calibrated on a 100 to 200 scoring scale. On all sub-exams, the minimum score is 145.

  • Results in the 100-144 range – Below Passing Scores
  • Results in the 145-164 range – High School Equivalent Scores
  • Results in the 165-174 range – College-Ready Scores
  • Results in the 175-200 range – Colleg-Ready PLUS Credit Scores

Onsego offers help with a “second chance”

Onsego helps students who had problems in the traditional educational system achieve their goals with a second chance to earn a secondary education degree.

Many young individuals never completed their high school curriculum due to family circumstances, illnesses, or other reasons. Estimates are that some 30 million Americans don’t hold a high school or equivalent diploma.

Over the last eight decades, the GED program has helped more than 20 million North Americans achieve their GED diploma and pursue a better future through a college education or better employment.

The GED diploma is actually much more than just a diploma! It helps students to develop and improve their skills, leading to success in career growth and higher education.

Onsego is helping these students boost their educational and professional options and improve their lives with a one-of-a-kind GED preparatory program that will allow them to earn a GED fast!