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VPN technology is taking online privacy to new heights

In a societal landscape that is constantly shifting and evolving, innovations like technological advancement are only making the shift more rapid and intricate than ever before. Technology has elevated traditional aspects and concepts, either revolutionising them to give them a modern revitalisation or replacing them entirely with new models and methods that make more sense as we head further into this digital evolution. And while the evolutionary developments and advances have been nothing short of awe-inspiring, they come with risks that must be addressed. Protective measures like understanding the concept of using a VPN re key to ensuring and maintaining online protection and privacy.

Online privacy is one of the most pressing of these newfound risks that come hand in hand with technological advancements. While most people are not aware of the protective measures already put in place to ensure online privacy, it is comforting to know that these protective measures are in fact in place. There are two major reasons that VPN use is becoming more popular by the day, and each of them come with their own logic and reasoning.

1.     Global technological impact = increasing risks of online hackers
As technology continues to have continuous profound impact on the planet, it only makes sense that more people are embracing it and using it to enhance various aspects of life. The internet was once upon a time an online experience that required dial up – a system that required the access of internet be carried out only when the house phone was not in use, among other feats of technology that were developed and introduced around the same time.

These days, technology reigns supreme. With the increase of internet efficiency and universal usage, comes an increase in the number and velocity of prospective attacks that can alter our online experiences or even steal our details. The important thing one must keep in mind at all times is that these attacks can be deterred. Users are becoming privy to the most effective and secure online protective measures for their devices; from use of a VPN to malware protection plans, there are protective measures and systems in place to assist users with protecting their devices – and themselves by association – from risk.

2.     The cyberattacks on mobiles…even as they are in our very hands
So much is spoken about the protective measures for laptops and tablets. It makes sense. After all, we are spending so much of our professional and personal lives logging details into our devices, essentially creating a full-scale digital log of our personal and sensitive information.

Mobile phones are often overlooked as potential risk sources, and yet the risks associated with mobile phone information protection continue to increase. Again, it makes sense. We use our mobile phones so constantly that we sometimes do not realise just how integral they are to our everyday lives – of course, they are the first points of attack for hackers. All it takes is a single email or text message scam for individuals to open it and find themselves the victim of a vicious scam.