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Three tips to kick-start your solo global travels

Travelling the world for the first time can be (and often is) quite daunting, to say the least. Especially if you are doing so solo. The world is a big place, and there is so much opportunity and excitement around every corner. The urge to travel is an inevitability, a natural instinct that is ingrained in so many of us. Some people prefer to stay rooted to where they know, and while that is completely okay, there is something to be said about taking off to the great unknown, of throwing some clothes and a few books into a bag and getting on a flight.

Each new place in the world is riveted with its own charms, its unique natural wonders, and its cultural essence. There is so much to discover, so many things to explore in the world that the innate urge to travel demands to be heard in most of us. Seeing a new place can do wonders for the soul. Quite often, when people travel they grow exponentially. Taking off on a new adventure around the world solo for the first time is an experience that is entirely unique and unparalleled – there is nothing in the world like seeing it with nobody but yourself to accompany you on the adventure.

When you are packing…

Be smart about the way you pack. Particularly if you are going to be travelling for months at a time, it can be appealing to throw everything in some bags or suitcases and just pay the extra luggage fees on your chosen airlines. Fight this urge – there is nothing more frustrating than lugging heavy bags through airports and all over new countries because you didn’t pack light enough. Packing smart makes all the difference in the world. Rolling your clothes, for example, not only allows you to stuff your suitcase with more items, but also eliminates the possibility of those pesky wrinkles or lines that form on your clothes when you fold and pack tightly. Do not panic if your bag is tightly packed – this is a good thing because it will keep everything nice and safe.

When you have travel days…

Whether it means organising a Munich airport transfer, or a car to meet you at the airport in Australia, it is immensely helpful (not to mention a weight lifted) to know that your ride from the airport to your accommodation is going to be reliable and stress-free – this is especially true if you have had a long flight path to get to your destination, and do not speak the language of the location you have just arrived in. Odds are you have plenty of time to explore and navigate the area on your own, and there is definitely something to be said about travelling off the beaten path, but there is nothing wrong with a little comfort to ease your way into the experience.

When you are exploring…

Be open and willing to be always learning as you explore a new place. You cannot go to a new place and be culturally ignorant or unwilling to embrace or at the very least accept the culture that you have willingly entered the destination of. The best experiences happen without a plan, and so going off the beaten track, mingling with the locals, and exploring the great wide somewhere of the natural surroundings allows you to connect with your travels on a more fundamental level, and you learn more as well. Perhaps you will even pick up new languages on your travels (talk about truly embracing the cutlure).