At the intersect between education and technology

The Role of EdTech in 2020

The education industry has always been one of the most consistently and strongly performing Industries in the world. The simple fact is that education is a necessity and so over the years it should come as no surprise that the more aware and understanding we have become of the true value of education, the more driven we have been to ensure that it is powered forward, onward and upward. The education industry over the years has been through many and evolution and today, the education industry with me before us is more powerful and inclusive than it has ever been before.

Of course, this does not come without struggling controversy. The evolution of education, like any other industry, has come with challenges along the way that are presented themselves with the goal of throwing off the revolutionary transformation of this key industry. However, the education industry is an industry that has been willing and able to go above and beyond at every twist and turn and as a result it has only grown bolder, better, faster, smarter, and stronger as time has gone. Today, the education industry is smarter than ever before.

The rise of EdTech

There is so much to be said about the fact that the education industry has been through quiet and explorative revolution in recent years. The rise of the digital era resulted in all industries including the education industry having to realign with the way that the world was now moving. As a result, the rise of digitalisation and technological advancement within education as well as the rest of the world continue to become more powerful and more highly coveted all the time. The rise of education technology is just one example of how education has embraced digitalisation and technological advancement for the better.

The role of EdTech in 2020

And it Also happens to be one of the best examples. The role of EdTech (i.e. education technology) today is one that is continuously becoming more important all the time. In 2020 and particular, the rise of the global pandemic that we are still dealing with has resulted in a direct consequence of us having to focus in and realise that having education technology is not only an added on whistle in academics but is a fundamental way for students and educators a like to be able to continue their approach towards education with relative ease of transparency even when unprecedented change and challenge occurs.

How EdTech advancements will continue

There have been many advancements and enhancements in EdTech since it was introduced.  Whether that is the introduction and ongoing Rise of the implementations that had improved the Rosebery Childcare Centre over the years or the rising prominence and instrumental role of online learning materials and courses, education technology has really worked hard to improve education from every angle. And in this way it has proven its value time and again and it will continue to do so heading into the future and beyond. What we are seeing now is that education technology is more powerful and more highly coveted than ever. And this is just the beginning. EdTech is well and truly here to stay. And the best is yet to come.