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The Positively Life Changing Value Of Lymphedema Compression Garments

Over the years, health and wellbeing have steadily become more understood and more heavily invested in (and rightfully so, given their incredibly important role in the quality of life that any given individual is able to enjoy. This is largely to do with the fact that research and our evolution of our grasp and understanding of health and wellbeing – and all of the different facets involved in them both – continues to play an instrumental role in not just how we understand them on the surface but also how we can work towards finding a bolder and smarter way to move forward in meaningful and sustainable ways. 

Sometimes, individuals are fortunate enough to have successfully obtained and maintained the balance between genetics and commitment to their health and wellbeing. In some instances, however, regardless of everything that one does right…sometimes they simply cannot prepare for the unexpected. And if and when the unexpected happens, it is important to focus on how to enhance and improve our approach to treating and, if possible, creating solutions, them.

Understanding lymphedema

There are many different health issues and ailments out there, all of which are important to understand and actively work towards furthering one’s understanding and overall focus on. Consider lymphedema, for instance. Lymphedema is a condition that occurs when an individual’s lymphatic system is compromised, causing localised swelling. While it is most commonly found in individuals who are recovering from cancer treatment or parasitic infections, lymphedema can also sometimes be caused by a genetic disorder. Incurable, there are thankfully some treatments that individuals living with lymphedema can invest in to improve their quality of life. Even – and especially – today, we are learning more about lymphedema and how to treat it in the best way.

The treatments for lymphedema

Of course, like any other health and wellbeing condition or disorder, treatment can and so often does make a world of difference. By prioritising skin care, a healthy exercise routine, MLD (i.e. manual lymphatic drainage), and compression therapy. When actively and consistently utilised together, these four approaches are known as combined decongestive therapy. And for individuals whose condition is unaffected by combined decongestive therapy, surgery is an option to provide relief of edema (i.e. the soft tissue swelling that sometimes manifests as a result of lymphedema) and other symptoms. 

The positively life changing value of compression garments

There is quite a lot to be said about the distinct value of compression garments for lymphedema. These garments have been proven to assist in the relief of the symptoms associated with lymphedema. Through reduced swelling, pain relief, and increased stability, compression garments are renowned for their effectiveness and their capability to significantly increase the quality of life of an individual living with lymphedema. These positively life changing benefits of compression garments make them one of the most popular and most efficient treatments for lymphedema. And the research and technology surrounding them only continues to enhance and improve them tenfold. This is ultimately just the start. The best of lymphedema is absolutely still yet to come.