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The Essential Guide To Name Badges For Conferences

Choosing the right name badges for conferences is essential. Event badges generally include the attendees name, job title and company as well as the organisers logo and event name. They are primarily seen as a crucial networking tool but they also serve as an attendees preliminary introduction, increase event security and help build brand identity. 

There are several considerations when deciding on the right badge for your event: 

  • type
  • size
  • event duration – one day or multi day
  • will it be reused?

So, which badge type should you choose for your next event? Here are 7 conference and event badge types for you to choose from. 

PVC Plastic Badges

Plastic badges come in a range of bespoke sizes and are available in standard and biodegradable PVC. If you’re looking for a durable badge that will last for multiple uses, then this badge type is ideal. Your badges can be printed in black and white or full colour and these badges can be easily customised with photographs, logos and colour coding options to indicate access privileges. 

If security is a fundamental concern with PVC plastic badges there are numerous optional security features available.

Folding Paper Badges

These paper badges are provided as inserts that can be inserted into plastic badge wallets and attached to lanyards. They are available in any size ranging from 95x75mm up to A6 and can be personalised with logos, graphics, personalised data and essential security features.

Pop-out Plastic Inserts

This badge type is great for single or multi day events, they are made from strong plastic which will withstand much handling. They can be used alone as an identity card or can be attached to a lanyard for convenience and visibility. 

Customise your badges with photographs, your company logo, a colour coding system and barcodes or RFID tags for tracking.

Reusable Name Badges

These badges are slightly more limited in terms of customisation and features but they are perfect if you’re planning on holding multiple events. They are available in three sizes:

  • 74mm x 55mm
  • 86mm x 54 mm
  • 95mm x 62mm

And the surface of the badge holder is a matted finish which guarantees a high-quality look and feel. These super flexible, durable name badges can be used again and again perfect for saving time and money when holding several conferences.

Conference Card Inserts

These inserts are available in over 20 different sizes and are ideal for one day events. They can be paired with badge wallets and attachments such as lanyards to ensure they are visible throughout the conference or event. 

You can customise your badge layout with company logos, backgrounds, embellishments and colour coding and add security features such as UV printing and Holofoil. 

There are many options when it comes to name badges for conferences and events and whichever style you require you can customise for your requirements.