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The 5 Points Checklist To Hosting A Successful Conference

Conference planning is not an easy task, but a beneficial way for a company to interact with their community while opening networking opportunities with others.

 Depending on the company’s overall focus and needs, many logistics and tasks go into hosting not only a successful but also a memorable convention. There are many things that must be arranged such as acquiring a keynote speaker, creating the right marketing campaigns, choosing a unique venue, and creating the day’s itinerary. Hosting a small or large conference can be easily organized with the proper checklist and some extra help. 

Hire the right support team 

If it’s your company’s first time planning corporate events or a conference or, it may be a great idea to get the experts involved. Hiring an events company can help relieve a lot of busy work and with an experienced team backing up your first event, you have an extra pair of eyes to catch all the details that may have been missed. 

Hosting a conference also can come with some pressure. Having a disorganized function is a mirror of the company’s organizational skills, therefore hiring the right support team can help organize the event while providing extra manpower to run operations.

Choosing a theme and venue. 

Companies host conferences for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to educate the community about safety awareness or inform other vendors about environmental sustainability, the theme is just as vital as choosing a venue – it must be inspiring, unique, and engaging. 

There are different reasons why people attend conferences, mainly to network and to learn additional information that helps their personal and professional growth. By keeping these things in mind, hire motivational speakers and provide your visitors with not just information, but also a curated experience. 

Make it personal 

Everyone enjoys a personal touch when it comes to invitations. Using a video invite with a personalized message is a great strategy for bringing people to your conference and also lets them know the company cares. One of the greatest challenges is bringing people through the doors, therefore keeping that hospitable spirit prior, during, and after the conference leaves an everlasting impression. 

Check your equipment 

The worst thing that can happen during a conference is having unstable Wifi access that can be linked to important technical equipment. Take the proper measures of ensuring all your equipment is fully charged, all wires and cables are connected to the proper devices, and that the internet is working efficiently.  Having backup batteries and equipment will leave your team ready when experiencing mere hiccups during operations. 


Hosting a successful conference isn’t only about making sure operations are running smoothly, but making sure your guests leave with several takeaways. Following up is always a great way to express gratitude, maintain and strengthen relationships, while a chance to receive feedback that will steer you in the right direction if you ever choose to host another conference. 

Although hosting a massive event can be overwhelming, conferences and conventions aren’t all supposed to be cut and dry – they’re supposed to also be equally as fun. By placing yourself in the participant’s shoes, it can help bring your event to life.