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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

As a college student, you cannot use one technique to write all your essays because each one requires something different from you. For an argumentative essay, you need to come up with a thesis in the introduction and argue it out in the body of the essay. You’ll then use your conclusion to wrap up the topic you were discussing.

To get the attention of your reading audience, you’ll need a hook in your instruction. It could be a striking statistic or a rhetorical question that draws in the reader. 

When writing an argumentative essay, you need to use persuasive language because you’ll be convincing the audience of the validity of your point. If you’re wondering, who’ll write my ace paper for me? Then look no further. There are several online writing services that are ready to come to your rescue.

The Hook 

In every argumentative essay, you write, ensure you start the introduction with a statement that will get the attention of your reading audience. You need to pique the reader’s interest from the get-go and keep them intrigued throughout your essay.

Aside from a surprising statistic, you can also use a personal story that relates to your topic to introduce your essay. For instance, if you’re talking about cybersecurity trends, you can talk about how many companies have been hacked in the past because they didn’t put security measures in place. 

Give your Readers a Background 

After getting the attention of your readers, give them a reason to keep reading. Providing the audience with a background helps them follow the essay. People need to know where you’re coming from so that know where you’re going with the argument. 

The topic in question will be easier to understand if the audience has background information. Every argumentative essay requires you to provide context, so you have an easy time building your case.

Each point you argue should directly or indirectly tie back to the background. You’re supposed to assume that your audience had never heard about this topic before. This approach allows you to achieve an impressive and elaborate essay.

The Thesis Statement 

Your thesis is the most important part of your argumentative essay. This statement should be precise and straightforward. You use your thesis statement, to sum up everything you’ll be talking about in the essay.

This is why, after completing the essay, you should go back to your thesis statement to find out if it needs to be modified. Your thesis statement should be bold and firm. However, the reader should be in a position to argue against it. This is to say that your thesis statement cannot be a fact.  The statement is what drives the purpose of your entire thesis. 

If, by any chance, there’s a reader who’s against your thesis statement, your essay should convince them otherwise. 

What to Avoid 

Any good argumentative essay should not have filler words. Since your aim is to convince people about a given inclination on a subject, each sentence should contribute to your overall objective. 

Another thing you should avoid other than filler words is beginning your discussion in the introduction. Your introduction is strictly for grabbing the attention of the reader and giving them a reason to read your essay.

Also, do not make obvious your line of argument in the introduction. If you do, your audience won’t have a reason to keep reading. 


As you can see, there is a definitive way to go about writing an argumentative essay. Make sure you follow this to the latter. Your essay should be persuasive and informative. Avoid filler words and ensure each sentence you use in the essay contributes to the paper’s overall objective.