At the intersect between education and technology

EdTech Rises Amid Ongoing Global Pandemic

The education industry is an industry that has been through more than its fair share of criticisms and controversies over the years. Like any other industry, education has been through the mill on more than one occasion, having to step up and readjust so that it is able to realign with the way that the world has been moving for so long. In the education industry, the rise of innovations like digitalisation and technological advancement have profoundly transformed the education industry time and again. And they continue to do so all the time. The education industry is always going to be an industry that evolves more than it stays stagnant. In many ways, this is one of the industry’s biggest strengths.

What we have seen over the years has equated to a significant amount of growth and maturity as education has more or less stood up for what is going to make the academic field a fairer and more wholly inclusive industry. It has been a mission and a half, and there is still quite a long way to go, however it is worth noting that the industry has been exponentially improved through vast waves of modernisation, becoming bolder and smarter all the time and transforming the lives of educators and students alike in the process. 

Education technology goes from strength to strength

Education technology has steadily been shifting into the global education industry in recent years, making massive and positive changes in the process. Today, the modern era in education is smarter and stronger than it has ever been. Now that EdTech (i.e. education technology) is well and truly here to stay, it is important to take note of and to wholly appreciate just how incredible the inclusion and focus on EdTech has been, as well as all the good that EdTech has brought (and continues to bring) to the international academic field.

How EdTech has strengthened education amid pandemic

Think of the current pandemic and its impact on education, for instance. As coronavirus cases continued to climb to harrowing numbers around the globe, it became more obvious all the time that there was a need for an alternative to the traditional approach to education. As the ongoing pandemic continues to change the world in massive ways, innovations like EdTech are stepping up to the plate and transforming their respective industries into stronger iterations of their former selves so that they can propel said industries into a better, more hopeful future.

What we can expect from EdTech moving forward

EdTech has kicked online learning and online learning materials into high gear, effectively revolutionising modern education for the better. To have achieved this during an international pandemic is no easy feat. Whether it is the GMAT live course or the biology finals (or any other manner of academic assessments or preparations, for that matter), having EdTech innovations like online assessment portals and online learning tools become so readily and so widely available has been nothing short of a blessing. There is a whole lot more where all this came from. The best is certainly yet to come and that is worth celebrating and investing in.