At the intersect between education and technology

EdTech Is Riding Fresh Waves Of Interest And Investment

Education is one of those gifts that should be a basic human right that is offered inclusively on an international scale. And while it is of course the goal for education to be globally inclusive, the unfortunate reality is that this has not always been the case. In fact, even today, this is still not exactly the case across the board and around the globe. Even so, however, in recent years we have seen an incredible amount of positive steps in the right direction take place, effectively and successfully powering forward the new era in education.

This new era is the most globally accessible and inclusive era in education to date. We have seen so much interest and investment spur forward this new era in academics, thanks largely to the rising awareness and understanding of just how important education is and the gaps that have existed for far too long in the ways that education is offered around the globe. While of course there is still work to be done before we can be entirely happy with our progress in this way, it is important to appreciate that we are (finally) moving in the right direction – and we will ideally continue to do so moving forward.

The digital era and its impact on academics

The digital era has impacted education in exciting and fresh ways. There have been many innovations that have been introduced to academics since the dawn of the digital era, each of them important and valuable in and of themselves. In the digital era, it is the rise of EdTech (i.e. education technology) that is making the biggest impact and that is most positively influential. EdTech encompasses digital and technological innovations and advancements that are designed and intended to prioritise convenience, efficiency, inclusivity, and quality of content and access in education for all. EdTech has and continues to have a big impact. 

EdTech continues to go from strength to strength

In fact, EdTech is currently riding fresh waves of interest and investment, the likes of which are empowering forward modern education to new (and sometimes unexpectedly delightful) heights all the time. Whether it is the introduction of digital materials and tools or the advancement of the exceedingly widespread online courses and degrees, EdTech is revolutionising education from the ground up. In the process of all this evolutionary progress and strengthening resolve, modern education is becoming more globally accessible and inclusive all the time. And this is just the start. 

The future of education technology

More than anything in the world, modern education is being wholeheartedly embraced and encouraged forward the more that we become aware and understanding of the true value and potential of EdTech now and in the future. Going forward into the future and beyond, EdTech – and education in general – is going to continue to evolve and expand in positive ways so long as interest and investment continue to propel it forward, onward, and upward. Just like other industries (think the online landscape that now offers wedding bands and musicians, or the ever evolving ecommerce market that spans the globe, for instance), education is accepting and embracing modernisation more than ever. EdTech is just the tip of the iceberg.