At the intersect between education and technology

EdTech Is Instrumental To The Future Of Academics

The academic industry that spans the globe is an industry that was created out of sheer necessity and that, over the years, has managed to effectively and successfully go from strength to strength thanks largely to continuously rising pools of interest and investment, the likes of which have propelled education forward, onward, and upward time and again. Over so many decades, education has been through many evolutions, each of which has played its role in ushering education into the next era, whatever that may be. We have seen an incredible influx in awareness and understanding about the true value of education as well as the reality of where education has historically fallen short and where there is significant room for improvement. 

Modern education is more globally accessible and inclusive

Today, modern education is more accessible and inclusive. Thanks to rising awareness and understanding about the gaps in traditional education, coupled with more interest and investment in education than ever before, modern education is expanding and surging forward with an incredible amount of gusto. Education has never been as widely accessible or as globally inclusive as it is right now. And this is largely thanks to the influence of the digital era and the modern marvels that have disrupted not just education but practically every aspect of life as we know it. This is the greatest era in education in human history. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The role of EdTech in modern education and beyond

And EdTech (i.e. education technology) is one of the key innovators that has effectively and successfully driven modern education to new (and sometimes unexpected) heights. The introduction of technological implementation into modern education came at a time where the world was positively aware of the fact that while traditional academics worked spectacularly for some students, for others it was decidedly lacklustre. A solution was necessary (and quite frankly, a solution was well and truly overdue, to say the least). So, the modernisation of academics was powered forward by EdTech. Materials, tools, courses, and even entire degrees were made possible entirely online. Suddenly, individuals who were limited by geographical or financial means were finally able to access education. It was a new era.

Why EdTech continues to gain valuable momentum

It seems that more and more as time goes on, the fact that EdTech plays an instrumental role not just now, but also will do so well into the future of academics and beyond (if not always) becomes more obvious to all. With more interest and investment being geared in the direction of EdTech specifically all the time, it certainly seems that the future of education is technologically driven. And regardless of if students are studying at home from their La Mer apartments or on campus in Australia – or anywhere else in between or beyond, for that matter – education is better for it. This is the dawn of an entirely fresh era in academics. And it is the best era in academics so far.