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Does A Water Dispenser Purify Water?

A water dispenser offers an unlimited supply of clean, filtered, safe, and healthy drinking water by plumbing into your water supply.

All you need to do is place a glass, bottle, or jug beneath the faucet and push the lever for a refill. It includes a refrigerator mechanism that cools your water to a cool or ice-cold temperature before delivery.

The unit’s features extend beyond cooling to heating and filtration of the water supply, depending on the model.

So, does a water dispenser purify water? Although most water dispensers only carry out the primary function – dispense water, some actually purify water through filtration.

Dispensers that filter water feature a patented reverse osmosis system that removes salts, TDS, heavy metals, and other contaminants from the water.

How Does a Water Dispenser Purifier Work?

A water dispenser purifier works by removing contaminants in different stages. Some models boast purifiers that filter water in 3 stages, others in 5 or 7 stages.

Different models work differently.

The first stage usually involves pre-filters that remove all impurities that affect your water’s taste, smell, and color. The contaminants can include chlorine and chloramines.

The next 2 filtration stages focus on removing the most stubborn contaminants like TDS and heavy metals and improving the quality and taste of the water.

If the system features more than 3 stages, chances are, it has an alkaline enhancement stage that restores minerals into the water. This helps balance the pH of your dispenser water.

Some units feature a UV (Ultraviolet light) purification stage that kills 99.99% of bacteria and other microorganisms from your tap water.

Does a Water Dispenser Purifier Really Work?

A water dispenser purifier works. It eliminates almost all contaminants in your tap water to provide clean, pure, and healthy water.

If you invest more money and carefully go through the unit’s features you have in mind, you can get a water dispenser on Aquajudge.

It’s also wise to go through customer reviews on the dispenser you intend to purchase for credibility.

Remember that not all water dispensers have a purifier. Most only cool or heat the water. Additional investment can get you a model that cools, heats, and purifies.

Reasons Why You Need a Water Dispenser with a Purifier

  • Better for Health

Tap water is constantly exposed to contaminants like chlorine and bacteria. These cause serious infections, especially in kids with a low immune system.

A water dispenser with a purifier provides clean, purified water, as impurities don’t go through the appliance. The filtration system filters all contaminants.

  • Provides Fresher Water than Boiling Water

The water dispenser features 3 different water preferences, i.e., cold, moderate, and hot. It offers hot boiled water immediately, enabling you to make other drinks like instant tea or coffee.

Boiling water can provide health risks, especially if stored in contaminated containers. You are assured of better health with a water dispenser as you’ll always take clean and fresh water daily.

  • Saves Time and Money

All you need to do with the water dispenser is press the knob, and the water flows. You won’t waste time waiting for the water to boil; hence quite convenient, especially for working parents.

The cost is less since you won’t spend a lot on refills, unlike when purchasing new bottles all the time.

  • Better hydration

Drinking purified water is healthy for your body. In fact, taking more water every day will keep you active and rejuvenated.

The dispenser is known to encourage people to take more water. Everyone, including kids, can operate the unit with ease and drink to their satisfaction.

  • Better skincare

Families with water dispensers tend to take more water since it’s always fresh, pure, and tasty. The more they take, the better they look.

Although the change isn’t instant, consumption of clean, safe, and purified water greatly helps in skincare. With time, the skin becomes more vibrant and not dry or itchy.

  • Encourages a sugar-free diet

Today, most people like taking sugary drinks like soda or flavored juice to quench their thirst. This leads to an unhealthy buildup of toxins in the body, which causes different health issues.

However, a water dispenser with a purifier provides a healthy alternative. With the unit, your family will take more water since it’s not only great-tasting but also at their disposal.

You’ll save money and keep your family healthy as well.


Although a water dispenser’s primary role is to dispense water, some models come with purifiers that remove contaminants from tap water.

A filtered water dispenser provides a convenient, long-term solution for pure water. Although you might spend a little more on the unit, you’ll realize that it’s cheaper in the long run.

And since maintaining proper hydration is an integral part of daily life, a water dispenser will make it easier.