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Amazon Freight Forwarders 101: A Beginner’s Guide to FBA

There are tons of FBA guide sources posted on the web, and if you often have your products shipped via Amazon, you probably know what is it all about. However, for those who don’t, this article is a great guide for beginners. 

Let us get to know what FBA is first. FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is an e-commerce service wherein vendors from third-party groups store their items in different fulfillment centers of Amazon. These items will then be selected, packed, shipped by Amazon as well as handling any returns and refunds. 

As mentioned, FBA guides are everywhere on the internet. However, what makes this page a bit different is that we created sources designed to answer all your basic questions. These are basic questions that other sources tend to overlook.

This guide will really help you, especially if you are new to the entire FBA process. Take time to get familiar with everything. 

How to Create a Shipment Plan? 

The FBA shipment commences when you create a new product on the Seller Central of Amazon. From there, you will be prompted to start searching from wide category options and specify details if necessary. Make sure to be specific so that Amazon will know what your product is and that it can be searchable in the marketplace.

Once you acknowledge the shipment plan, you need to follow all rules and regulations. In the event you failed to adhere, you will be for suspension and your rights for product delivery to Amazon will be suspended as well. 

How is the Shipping of Products Done? 

Your products will be ready for shipment once you have prepared your freight shipment on Amazon’s Seller Central. At this point, it is easy to make mistakes that will cost you money, no matter how experienced you are when it comes to international freight. Hence, you need to be very careful. Moreover, there are three essential things you need to consider under this aspect.

  • Packaging and Labeling Your Products
  • Shipping Single Products over Full Package 
  • Looking for a Freight Forwarder that is Amazon Friendly 

Packaging and Labeling Your Products. The most excellent product for online selling is something that is light and small. So simple and easy to ship as well as very storage-convenient. While it is somewhat challenging to find ideal products, there are ways you can do to guarantee that your heavy and/or large products won’t get battered with pricey warehouse fees and charges for shipping. 

One of these steps is to determine the difference between the dimensions of your product and packaging. Be mindful that Amazon’s procedures and guidelines are very strict. You can’t outwit it. Also, when it comes to labeling, warehouses are very stern. So, make sure you have these details prepared. 

Shipping Single Products over Full Package. In the event you are shipping less than loads of a container (single products), it may be worth it if you op to send them through the full container. The reason for this is that there is a tipping point for every shipment. Sending products that are less than the load of a container can be quite costly than shipping a full container load. 

For you to determine if the shipment meets the standard tipping point is to check the number of boxes you will send. Generally, it should be more than 15 boxes. If it is less, there’s a tendency that the equivalent cost will be the same to that of a full container or more. 

Looking for a Freight Forwarder that is Amazon Friendly. Freight forwarders are services that will arrange your product shipment. An ideal freight forwarder is well-rounded in terms of the shipment process. It has different connections needed to reserve space for your products with trusted sea and air carriers. 

You need to gather the needed required documents to rack the shipping progress of your products. Be familiar with specific details, such as charges and fees connected with your freight forwarder, contractual agreement, any customs fees you need to pay. 

Is it Important to Review the Shipment? 

Yes, reviewing your shipment is of utmost importance. You need to carefully review it and pay attention to your shipment ID as well as the destination fulfillment code and exact location. There is a shipment name provided which can be changed, and a number for the product code identifier will also be given. Keep in mind that every modification done on this section will affect your lists for packing. It is recommended to print your lists after your shipping plan approval. 

Protecting My IP for FBA Shipping, How Does it Work? 

IP (Intellectual Property) is a signed agreement with your supplier. This is to make sure they will not sell your products to other customers. To obtain this, you have to prepare and let the supplier affix his/her signature on the non-disclosure agreement which is both available in shipping products from USA or shipping from China. Contracts of this type may tend to have a large order of quantities and longstanding commitment. However, this is easy if your products’ selling status is good. There will be no problem afterwards.


Amazon FBA process when it comes to selling and shipping products can be a daunting work. There are things you need to remember and obtain before starting the entire process. But, it comes with a great amount of effort and dedication to master all of these. Later on, you will surely get the hang of it and everything will just be easy peasy. Also, team effort plays a huge role in this process — your trusted and reliable partners, the right equipment, and your inclination to grasp information.