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5+ Free And Paid Interactive Timeline Makers

Timelines are visual elements that are designed to illustrate any events that took place at a certain point in time. They are great for structuring your accomplishments and facts and showing them in a time frame divided into several stages. With their help, it will be much easier for the audience to perceive information and follow everything that happens, because thanks to them, your learners will have a detailed understanding of the situation and they will be able to understand the essence of a particular issue.

Timelines are a great way to save time spent perceiving data. Plus, they are easy enough to create, so you won’t need much effort to make it. Presented in this way, the chronology of events will be an excellent addition to the course or project you are teaching for the students of your class.

To make a timeline, you will first need to decide what exactly you want to convey to the audience. Think about this question and choose a period of time that you will consider and break into segments. Try to fit the most important and necessary information on the chart, do not add data that does not carry any semantic load. After that, structure all the information and provide a ready-made timeline to students.

This is a fairly simple process if you have efficient timeline software on hand. High-quality tools will allow you not to spend a lot of time on content construction and will enable you to develop truly informative timelines. Typically, such programs have at their disposal various template libraries and many functions, thanks to which you can edit these templates as variably as possible. In addition, your software must be reliable, easy to use, and adaptive so you can view content from any digital device. Today we will present you with a list of timeline makers that meet all of the above requirements to make it easier for you to find the right option.

Best timeline software:

1. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is an incredibly powerful content development tool that allows you to create not only informative timelines, but also full-fledged engaging courses. With it, you can work with quizzes, dialogue simulations, screen recording, animations and more. The interface of the program is as clear as possible, so you do not have to spend a lot of time to start designing content. What’s more, the iSpring Suite has pre-made templates at its disposal that will give you the ability to speed up the creation of timelines and other learning materials. After the design process is completed, you can easily upload the finished content and distribute it among all students. Also, due to the fact that this software is adaptive, it will be possible to view all the works using any digital device, which is incredibly convenient. iSpring Suite is a powerful tool that allows you to develop not only ordinary, but also interactive timelines that will be able to convey the necessary information to learners very effectively.

2. Tiki Toki

This software is extremely reliable and functional, making it suitable for creating professional timelines. Extensive functionality makes it possible to work with various graphic elements, multimedia files, and even allows you to create 3D content. With Tiki-Toki you will be able to construct very informative and effective timelines that reflect all the necessary data. However, the interface of the program is quite inconvenient and a little complicated, so before you start using it, you will have to spend a little time to figure out how this tool works.

3. Office Timeline

It’s free software that makes it possible for you to achieve all your timeline development goals. The tool is a PowerPoint add-in, so it has a familiar interface. This means that you will not need to figure out for a long time what and how it works here. Despite the fact that the program is free, it has extensive functionality that makes it possible to design informative and powerful content. You can create diagrams, customize the design and duration of the timeline, highlight segments with different colors, and edit your material in every possible way. Moreover, Office Timeline has a library of templates at its disposal, with the help of which it will be even more convenient and faster to create content.

4. Visme

This tool has a huge popularity in the market due to its reliability, functionality and ease of use. The program contains many templates that you can change as you like. Visme features allow you to edit all the smallest details of the content and make it as informative and effective as possible. It is also very convenient that this timeline maker has the function of simultaneously working on the same project. Thanks to this, content can be designed much faster and pay more attention to every aspect of it. Moreover, the tool is cloud-based, which means you can easily upload timelines and store any number of them.

5. Timetoast

This is a simple and effective software for developing the most diverse and high-quality timelines. Timetoast allows you to independently choose the color scheme for each individual segment of the timeline, change the size of graphs and add various graphic elements to the content, texts, multimedia files and links with which you can make the materials more informative. Also, the tool is adaptive, so viewing the finished content on any digital device will not be a problem.

Timelines are a very effective way of conveying information to an audience, which will be very useful for explaining in detail to students the events that have occurred over a certain period of time. However, without quality timeline software, you simply cannot develop powerful content that meets all your requirements. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good timeline maker that has a wide range of options for designing the necessary materials.