At the intersect between education and technology

Taking education to a new standard with the digital classroom

For years, traditional education has been widely considered the be all and end all of education platforms. Students had to adhere to strict time schedules for classes and tutorials, as well as scheduling in study time off campus in between other factors in life. The reality is that, while traditional education methods do still work for millions of students – and likely will continue to do so – they simply do not work for all students anymore. The world is getting busier all the time, and the students of today (and all those who follow) want an education experience that can work with their lives, not take over their lives.

Enter online education. Online education is essentially a digital extension board to traditional learning methods. Instead of having to go to a campus for every class, students control how they carry out their studies. The benefits of pursuing online education instead of traditional learning methods are varying, but ultimately it comes down to three key factors: accessibility, accountability, and flexibility.


The most obvious factor that makes online education such a roaring success is that it provides a level of accessibility that traditional education methods simply cannot match. In allowing students to carry out their entire degree through their device screen, online education has established itself as the pioneering force for global accessibility for anyone who wants it. The only necessity? A sturdy internet connection.

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The whole concept of online education is based around a student-led core model of learning. At its core, what this means is that, essentially, online education takes student accountability to the next level. College or university is already an experience that demands a level of responsibility from its students that many of them are not yet familiar with, but online education takes this ideal to a whole new level.

Quite frankly, if you do not put the work in – and work hard – then you are responsible for the consequences of that failure to adhere to the standards that all students should hold in high regard. Just because online education is more flexible, does not mean that you should take advantage of that flexibility.


Being able to study at your own pace, on your own schedule, is beneficial for obvious reasons. Modern life is busy, and having the ability and the power to decide when, where, how, and why you study means that you are not only in charge of your own academic journey, but you are solely responsible if it comes crashing down around you.

Online education is not an excuse to be lazy. If anything, it is the opposite: online education is the perfect outlet to prove that you have the organisation, know how, and dedication to excel through your online studies, coming out of the other side accomplished and ready to take on the world after graduation.