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The importance of GPA post-university

Many students have been in a classroom when an external client attends to give a presentation about their corporation or job. These jobs are considered the cream of the crop for the student who receives it. Frequently, the job is presented as a dream job that can catapult a career for whomever receives it. The problem is that these jobs or internship positions are never given to students with a below A or less an 80 average, much like being awarded scholarships. Therefore, the issue becomes, how to land a great job with an average GPA?

There is the option to hand in a resume or CV anyway and hope for the best. However, there is a 99% chance of that resume being filed away and forgotten. A more proactive route is to have the company take notice. Grades are the indicator that a student has certain set of skills, but there are other ways to showcase one’s talent or skills through their accomplishments. Even something as simple as throwing a party might land an events student into the industry. Find what you are able to do that goes well with the company’s vision and pitch it to the company to get their attention.

There are many employees who have landed their job simply by wowing their employers – through daring resumes or simply by creating a product or service and sending it their way. Many corporations understand that there may be extenuating life factors that result in lower grades, but it is not a reflection of creativity or drive, which is something that is highly sought after, especially in a world of consumerism where the new gets left behind and the fresh crazy ideas are received with celebration.

Another option to consider could be a volunteering opportunity. For example; if archaeology is the field that is desired, volunteering in the local archaeology society as well as at the local school lab can develop and lead to contacts in the field. These contacts likely having their ear to the ground with what is going on in the desired field and have the connections with hiring people. Another reason volunteering is important is this will enable someone to work full time and volunteer, showing an employer that they can manage two jobs at once, regardless of what their transcripts indicate.

Landing a great job with an average GPA does not have to be hard, nor should it be a situation filled with intimidation. It is essential to remember that many entrepreneurs did not attend school and are highly successful. But, they did have to work hard. In addition, the person across the table in an interview may also have had average grades. Be prepared to prove why you deserve the job and why your transcripts may not reflect your hard work, dream jobs are within your reach.