At the intersect between education and technology

Making Learning Fun with Education Technology

Smart phones, laptops, gaming devices and internet are ubiquitous influences in contemporary society. The education space has been traditionally slow in the adoption of technology. But with conventional methods of learning becoming redundant and technology proving to be a game-changer, the education system needs to embrace innovations in web-based education technology. Technology has an immense potential to change the role of a teacher from a transmitter of information to a facilitator of the learning process and make learning a fun-filled and memorable experience.

Laptops are crucial to learning and should be used to their optimal potential. Students can use laptops to complete homework, share and review their work, while the teachers can give assignments and conduct evaluations with the help of computer software. Tablets are also a very handy tool for learning. They enhance classroom learning by facilitating easy access to text-books and lessons and can be used to access the internet.

The internet is a treasure-trove of information about everything and from every corner of the world. The students should be encouraged to use the net to supplement the classroom teaching, enhance subject-specific know-how, and complete the assignments and projects. They should be motivated to pursue learning on a 24/7 basis by making use of the abundant e-books and courses available online. YouTube and Vimeo would also be useful in supplementing the learning process.

The students of today, especially the millennial generation, are engrossed in the social media world. Facebook and Twitter platforms can be effective means of promoting discussion and sharing of study resources among students. Twitter can be a bridge between the young sharp minds and well-known experts in their respective fields. Blogs can be instruments for the students to showcase their academic work and latent creativity. The students can respond to classroom lectures and social happenings by posting their thoughts and impressions on the class blog. The feedback would in turn encourage students to improvise on their learning and creativity.

Game-based Learning can enrich the learning experience. Kids love to play games. Mobiles and tablets, equipped with educational games revolving around a subject or a topic, can trigger and bolster learning. Games can also promote mental development through a process of positive reinforcement and healthy competition.

One needs to, however, tread the internet with caution as nefarious world of hackers and malware are lurking behind its underbelly. Malware is a huge illegal business that involves the creation and spread of malicious viruses, spywares and fake security software. The risk of a malware attack can be minimized by installing firewalls, changing passwords and updating software on a consistent basis. It is also advisable to use web malware scanners to determine a website’s susceptibility to potential hackers and malware and detect if it has already been compromised in any way.

Technology has the potential to transform learning into a fulfilling and fun-filled experience, provided the teachers integrate the available technologies into their teaching methodologies and curriculum.

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